Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Guitar Ted Productions 2007 Rearview: Part VII

This is the final episode of the "Rearview" series which you can do a search for if you truly care to.
All righty then! This is it for looking backwards on the year that was, 2007. We pick up with the post Interbike times here..........
After getting back from Lost Wages it was time to buckle down and get some test riding in for Twenty Nine Inches. Fortunately, fall was an excellent one and riding around here was primo. I only had two things scheduled to do and both were really laid back rides.
The first was the Trans Iowa Tune Up Ride, which in all reality was just an attempt at the whole Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational route that got shortened due to rain in the summer. While the conditions were fine for the attempt in the fall, I wasn't. Something called bonking raised its ugly little head and I succumbed to a shortened route on my own. Oh well! The rest of them finished it out, so it was good!
Oddly enough, the second laid back ride was plagued by fatigue and just coming off a cold/flu, and I wasn't riding all that well. That one was up at Lebanon Hills in the Minneapolis area with Jason and crew from Salsa Cycles/QBP. I had a great weekend anyway and the people there were all super fun to hang out with.
So, really it has been a pretty laid back end to a super crazy year. Good thing too, because I doubt I could sustain that pace for 365 days! I just have been getting rides in when I can, spending time with my wonderful family, and working. Testing bikes and components, writing for the sites I write for, and working yet at the shop are all fun yet and I will continue on the same path for 2008. It's just that the ratio of those things will be changing up a bit. I'll detail that in my post coming up that will be a look forwards into 2008 concerning Guitar Ted Productions.
Stay Tuned!

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