Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Great Day On The Bike

<===Hoarfrost on the trees Monday morning.

As I made my way to work on Monday there was new wonder around every corner. This picture is definitely the poorest scene I saw, but it was the first one and I was already late for work, so.......

It was a special day for me, as it was my daughter's seventh birthday. Thoughts were on some pretty deep things anyway, and then there was this commute.


There is awesome, and then there is awesome! Take a look here for an example of what I mean. My world takes a little more scrutiny to find the beauty, Mike's screams it at you. (Screams in a good way, mind you) Here it is a little more difficult to find that beauty, that awe inspiring feeling. It is here, you just have to look harder.

I always think that the folks bustling about in their cars are really missing it. There is a precious commodity out there that is difficult to put into words that can only be had if you slow down, get out of your car, and pay attention. Especially around here.

<===Even though I was late for work, ya just hafta stop and snap off some photos, right?

So it was that I actually took my sweet time pedalling to work today. I was so happy to be on a bike and taking all of this in. It didn't matter that it was a 29"er, geared or single speed, or that it had the latest gadgetry on board or not. It was a bike, I was on it and pedalling, and the landscape was dressed to the nines for the occasion. Why waste that by putting my head down and pedalling faster?

<===One advantage of having a white haired beard. The "beard-cicles" are camouflaged!

When I finally got to work, I just took a few minutes to drink it all in just before heading in to the mundanity of everyday life. It was as if a dream was over when I walked in that door, but what a dream!

I'm so thankful I can ride a bike and get to experience the things that I do. It is what keeps me motivated to pedal just a little further, to hop on that bike when it is cold, hot, or in between. To find that next experience. To meet like minded folks. Share the ride, or to just ride alone. I just love it.

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