Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Just Ride

I think it must be the off season or something, but I have noticed that a lot of folks are on line trying to figure stuff out. You know, like geometry of bikes, how to train for things, and how to ride in the cold. I've got a suggestion: Go for a ride.

Here is the thing, there is this innerweb that provides us with a portal to information. Now it takes what........three seconds and you are neck deep in information on whatever subject your heart desires. Lets keep it on bikes here though! So, you get sucked in, and before you know it, you are probably more confused than when you started and you've wasted several minutes, ( maybe even hours!) when you could have been doing something else. I would wager that you could have figured out a clothing system in that time, gotten it on, and been headed out the door for a ride. Or maybe you could have started a long overdue clean up of that bike of yours. Perhaps you could have gone down to the bike shop and test ridden that bike that you are asking about online and found out what you think of its geometry! (Novel ideas, I'm sure) Maybe you could have even! Whatever it is, it is better than sitting in front of this screen you are staring at.

I am as guilty as anybody. I suppose I should take my own medicine. Maybe I should just be quiet and hope you stay glued to this because I get paid for that part of my time here. But the thing is, in the long run I know you and I will be better off not sitting in front of this black hole. That much I am sure of. So, I'm riding as much as I can this winter. If I can't ride, I'm going to work on projects in The Lab, and if it snows a bunch, I'll XC ski. Whatever, I am not going to spend a bunch of my time here though looking at gobble-de-gook information and driving myself nuts. Nope! Not me!

Special T.I.V4 Related Notes: Due to the poor conditions of most of the states gravel roads, (ice skating rinks) the Trans Iowa Tune Up Ride that was to take place over in the Gilbert, Iowa area has been cancelled. Also, T.I.V4 recon that was to take place Thursday has been postponed to a later date. I'll post an update when something has been decided about the recon or on any upcoming training rides.

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