Sunday, May 18, 2008

Against The Wind

<====Twas a stiff wind today that met my face!

Well, I finally logged a somewhat long ride today. Not what I would have wanted to by past years standards, but it will have to do. This year, with the weather we've had and the month of April being what it is now for me, the training has been woefully missing. I am afraid it shows too!

Of course, there were some contributing factors, so I am not going to be too hard on myself. I did find out some good things, so I am at a place of being torn between being happy and being down in the dumps a bit.

<===So, this winter wasn't so hot for your plans either, eh?

The good things are really encouraging and some other things can be fixed. My fitness level? Ehh.........let's just say the suffering meter will get pegged in two weeks. I am going in with that firmly established!

The good things include the switch to a Bontrager Inform RL saddle. I think that when I get into even longer rides, it will shine even more as a great choice, but as for now, I can confidently say that it works a charm for me. The sizing thing, with the Bontrager Fit System is really a big difference maker. I had no idea I needed a saddle that wide, but now I can't even ride my narrow saddles! That Bontrager saddle has spoilt me already!

<===The gravel is loose and chunky. Add a really stiff wind and the pain cave opens wide to greet you!

I have a couple issues with the bike that need looking into. A serious creak from the ol' Syncros 26.8mm post, too low a handle bar, and a loose bearing in the rear hub. Manageable, yes. But if any one of these issues gets beyond "easy fix status" then I'll have to bail out on the bike and go to "Plan B". (There is a "Plan C" waiting in the wings if that doesn't work out!)

The thing is, time is running out, and I am a busy, busy guy, what with Big Wheeled Ballyhoo stuff coming up too.

<===One of several tractors in the field today. That's Hudson's water tower in the distance there for you locals.

Well, whatever happens, I am just going to have fun. Maybe all this stuff coming up will just flop and ya know what? I don't have any fear about it. I'll just do what I can do and have some fun doing it. There's always another bike ride just around the corner. Another trail to explore. Another chance to have some fun with like minded riders riding bikes.

Whether it is with or against the wind, it is all just about riding my bicycle. I hope you all got the joy of riding your bike, whatever it is, this past weekend. If you didn't, then get out there as soon as you can!

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