Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday News And Views

<===New BBB brand grips and bar ends. Rather "Ergon-like" (photo: Captain Bob)

New Product News: Captain Bob and I are going to be testing some BBB products on our rigs this summer. BBB is a very well known cycling components company in Europe. One of the first things we'll be checking out are these ergonomic grips and integrated bar ends. I'll be posting our thoughts here and in more detail on The Bike Lab. We also have some ceramic bearing derailluer jockey wheels and a trail bell to check out which I will post about later.

Will It Rain? : The forecast for our local area isn't looking the greatest. I am still hoping to get out to test a few things here later in the weekend and perhaps do a night run on the Dirty Kanza set up to test lights and how they will function for navigation needs. Otherwise I'll be futzing down in "the lab" with my bikes since Mrs. Guitar Ted is on call this weekend!

Secret Project Revisted: Hadn't ridden the Badger in a while, so I pulled it out and did my commute to work on it yesterday. It was one of the two Secret Project Bikes from last year. (the other was the Pofahl SS) Man! Having your measurements taken and having a good builder construct a frame using those measurements can not be over rated! I get on that Badger and it's as if I have been on that bike all my life. Super comfortable. If you can find the money and a reputable builder, I'd say go for it. The fit is well worth it, especially if you've always had trouble with "stock" frames. (I'm kind of a "tweener" size-wise)

Get out and ride this weekend!

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