Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday News And Views

I got up late today since I had the day off. So sue me if this is late! ha ha! Here's some bits to think about rolling into the weekend.....

Good Luck Dirty Kanza 200 Racers!: I wish you all the very best ride and great times. Wish I was there, but I have something else lined up now, so it's not like I will be just sitting around. Looking forward to the race reports afterward.

Tornado Clean Up: Today I'll be in Parkersburg, Iowa. That's where about half the town got leveled last Sunday and they need help cleaning up. I'm going to pitch in with my local church which has been called up by the local Red Cross.

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo Update: We got confirmation that Titus Cycles will be at the Ballyhoo with their demo trailer. Also, The Prairie Peddler, operated by Marty Larson will have a few Jamis models for demo too. On camping: I am pretty sure we have the same set up as last year with the big grassy area near the river being available for free camping.

Rain Rain- Just stop it! Too much wet weather recently will be putting a damper on my off road riding. I'll probably have to stick to a diet of gravel for this weekend. I've got a Spinner "2 Nine" fork to try out, but I'm afraid most of the dirt patches will be mostly mud around here. Or under water! It's okay, because next Wednesday, the 4th, I'm going to Decorah to ride and check on some Ballyhoo stuff. I'm sure the trails will be okay up there.

Get out and ride a bike this weekend!

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