Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

I have been working on an old road bike lately in the Lab. It was my first real road bike actually, and I am trading it out for a nice '07 Salsa El Mariachi in Superior blue that used to belong to Captain Bob. (Hang in there buddy! It's coming!) Anyway, this got me to thinking.......

I can't quite recall when my last road bike ride was. I think it was in the spring of 2007, but it might have been 2006. Hmm..........anyway, the thing is, I haven't ridden a skinny tired bike in awhile now. Probably won't either. Not that I don't like them, I just am not motivated that way. In fact, I've "culled the herd" of road bikes down to one. Yep! Even that one may go out the door to the right person, we'll see.

I did think about getting a road bike, actually just the other day I did that. I wouldn't get anything that resembles todays roadie rigs though. No way! I'd probably have to search around for just the right rig, or I could just buy a Salsa Casseroll. Looking at that rig, it has just about everything I'd ever want in a roadie rig. Steel for sure. Big tire compatible. (I can't see myself ever riding 23mm tires again......ever!) Gotta have fenders? A rack? No problema! All day riding comfort in the geometry. Gotta love it.

The thing I always didn't feel right about riding my old road bikes was that I couldn't go certain places with it. Like gravel roads. You know, when your blacktop suddenly leaves you stranded for chunky limestone? I know, I know........some of you ride road bikes on gravel. Don't even start with me on that. Every single time I try it, I flat. No fun! Give me a 32mm tire and I don't even have to think twice about gravel, and road speeds are still right where I want them. Hey! You won't ever find me at a criterium on the start line, so why should I need a skinny tired racer boy rig?

Anyway, if I ever make good on that idea, I don't want to be limited to blacktop. I want freedom to roll my roadie where I want to go, and something like the Casseroll is right up my alley. Until then, I don't mind a bit if I don't ever have another road bike.

But that's just me!

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