Saturday, May 10, 2008

Put A Helmet On It Soldier!

<===Handmade from Lincoln, NE with love...
I haven't even gotten this yet, but I'm excited. It's a long story, and I'll spare the details. I'll just say that when you have a large melon like I do, getting something to adorn it is a challenge.
That's where Snappy Caps comes in. I sent off an e-mail recently to Susan, the Snappy Caps seamtress, and told her about my dilemma. She responded that she could indeed accomodate me and make a custom cap to fit.
Okay, I got excited. I gave her some measurements, the green light, and now this gem is about to be delivered into my grubby little hands. This is going to be cool.
I'll be posting some shots soon as I get it. Thanks to Snappy Caps for the speedy and special service!

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