Saturday, May 31, 2008

Salsa Cycles' New Look

<====Salsa Cycles jersey. Me likey!

I was made aware of a jersey that would be coming my way recently and today it finally arrived!

Typically Salsa Cycles jerseys are really wild and are some of the easiest to spot out there. That's not necessarily a "bad" thing, and in fact, I love that old Pepperman playing the Strat jersey from a few years ago. (Of course I would!) But this was maybe a bit surprising to me. An understated, classy Salsa Cycles jersey? Not since the ol' woolie jersey has anything come out of Minneapolis with this much class and restraint.

<===The PepperWorld logo says it all!

Yep, what can be more classy than a subtly decorated black jersey? (Unless it was wool, of course!) I gotta say, if Salsa is going down this path graphically with other product, I won't be disappointed.

Not that the other stuff isn't cool. I mean, the orange Dos Niner and the Mamasita are hot numbers, and Salsa should maybe retain some of that, but mixing this stuff in is also way cool.

In other goings on, I went to Parkersburg yesterday to help lend a hand with the disaster cleanup. Mrs. Guitar Ted did the kitchen duty at the AmVets hall where they fed 1500 people yesterday for dinner alone! I hauled debris out of a few folks yards to the curbside, along with several hundred other volunteers, where it will be hauled away soon. The clean up necessary is massive! In the area I worked there was not one square centimeter of ground that wasn't covered in layers of debris. Tiny bits of glass and nails all the way up to slabs of roof, walls, and broken tree branches mixed in with wire, insulation, and whatever. It's absolutely stunning what a tornado of this magnitude is capable of.

The stories were unbelievable! People trapped under debris being saved by other townspeople, flying dogs, cats, and cows, deer stampedes, and other just crazy stuff. I mean, you can't believe it unless you have seen the people tell the stories that saw it first hand. Then there was the frustrations with FEMA, the Red Cross, and the National Guard. Unbelievable red tape and fear of litigation literally kept help from entering the town for two days, and then these organizations hands were tied in other ways. I watched Red Cross people sitting in their cars and watching as hundreds of volunteers from church organizations and concerned individuals were sweating and laboring with all the necessary work that needed to be done. Incredible!

Well, that's going to be going on for several weeks and months ahead, but I can say that we Iowans are a pretty resourceful and resilient folk. I was proud to be a part of that.

Anyway, that was my Friday and now I'm beat and itchy from fiberglass! Maybe I'll pedal around a bit tomorrow or later tonight. We'll see. I can't wait to fly that new Salsa jersey though!

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