Thursday, September 16, 2021

Preparations For A 'Long Ride'

This Craft Cadence Handlebar Bag is going to be a part of the set up.
 I have plans and I am acting upon them of late. This is going to be a 'big ride', and no- I am not saying what it is until it happens. So don't ask me. Just know that I've been working on this for a while now and the time is coming that I have a window to do this in. 

So, the bike is going to be the Noble Bikes GX-5, (Standard Disclaimer) and I have just about gotten things where I need them to be to use this bike on this particular ride. The biggest issue is water, and now with this new Craft Cadence Handlebar bag I have here on test for (see the link above), I now have the capacity to have enough water for this attempt. 

This bag on the handle bar can hold two large sized water bottles and more. I plan on using it to increase the capacity on the bike to five bottles total. This is important for this attempt because there is one long stretch on this route that has 54 miles with no services. I need to insure that I have enough water to span that distance, and I believe five bottles is enough. 

Here is the bike as it will be for this 'long ride' from the side

The bag has more capacity to hold stuff, so I believe I am going to be putting nutritional items in there like drink mix packets and maybe some convenience store fare for that longer sector. The other bags will be used for tools, tubes, extra clothing, and the top tube bag will be for quick eats on the ride. 

Sharp eyed readers will note the lights and yes- this is going to start in the dark. I may have a helmet light to spot signs with, but I believe my cues for the route should suffice. It is not a race anyway, so time can be spent where I need to spend it. Anyway, if things go as planned, I'll be done before Sunset. So, these lights are really all I should need. 

There are a couple of other items yet to come here, and I have to devise a smaller cue sheet holder, but things are coming together for this ride and soon I hope I can share what I am doing with you all here. 

Stay tuned.....


FarleyBob said...

So it looks like access to the handlebar bag will be only when stopped? That is an interesting bag, I'll be anxious to hear how it works out for you. Good luck on your ride!

Guitar Ted said...

@Farley Bob - Yes, that is correct. The flap goes forward and the buckle to close that flap is out front. I will be stopped when I use this bag. That isn’t everyone’s idea of “good” but I think this bag is more about storage and keeping the contents dry than it is about access while riding.

Guitar Ted said...

Oh! And thank you for the well wishes!!