Wednesday, September 01, 2021

A Note On The Trans Iowa Series And The Future

 As many of you know, the "Trans Iowa Stories" series has been getting posted every Sunday for a couple of years running now. You also may be aware that at the onset this was all being done with the hope being that there would be some kind of book coming out of the series. Something the Trans Iowa fan or participant could have as a memory and keepsake. Maybe even curious gravel fans would want to look in on it as well.

All along I have been trying to illuminate things about Trans Iowa and my putting it on that were things that no one was aware of, or that very few were aware of. While the historical aspects of many of the Trans Iowas were written and are available here and elsewhere, there are other stories to be shared.

I found this out over the weekend before last. A chance meeting of John and Celeste Mathias at the start line of Gravel Worlds led to me telling them about the Trans Iowa stories series. They actually started checking it out on their way back home from Lincoln, Nebraska. Then a day or so later John relayed a couple of awesome stories about T.I.v10 that I had never heard before. This got me to thinking. 

I had really no rudder to steer me in terms of the Trans Iowa book to come. I knew I wanted to produce one, but I've bloviated on and on about everything I possibly could here already. What more could I do?  Maybe edit things down to the best of the best, throw some images at it, and send that out there into the world? But after reading John's email, I was seriously inspired. I finally saw a direction for this project, and what is more, tentacles of other projects branching off of that. I got excited about this 'book' idea for the first time, if I am honest, after John's email to me. 

So, there are a lot of details and things to be considered before I can lay it all on you folks, but here is where I am at with this Trans Iowa thing now. Instead of most of this book being from my perspective, I now know I need the participant's perspectives as well. THAT is what is going to make this thing really juicy and interesting. That is what will propel this idea forward to possibly becoming really good, instead of- ya know, a simple retelling of stories from Guitar Ted. 

I am now running with the title "Trans Iowa's Book of Tales" since I plan on making this about as many folks that were in the event as I can. The "how" of that is what I need to work on. There also are other plans to let folks in to see and hear that weren't any part of the event, but would like to know what is up, and hopefully those avenues I provide for sneak peeks will raise even more stoke. But for now, I simply need material from those who were a big part of the event in the past. 

An email and a few images (if you have any) are awesome. If you are not comfortable with writing, I can record a conversation for later transcribing to words. But at any rate, if you or someone you know has anything to share, here is how to do it.

Contact me and we can just discuss ideas, or if you have a tale to share, fire away. But this idea ultimately will only be successful if those with 'the goods" decide to share. 

More (hopefully) soon........


Rydn9ers said...

I think the participants stories are a great idea.

MG said...

Sweet… I’m stoked that this is gaining momentum and am looking forward to working with you on it.

DT said...

This is a good idea! Every year after the Tour Divide, they collect everyone's written experiences and publish it in a book known as The Cordillera. It is very popular and has a lot of participation from the riders. I think you will see the same response from TI vets.

S.Fuller said...

I'll echo DT's comments. This was the first thing I thought of when I read this.