Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday News and Views

Just In Case You Missed It: Trans Iowa V4 has opened registration as of yesterday to all past veterans of the event. Those guys and gals that actually bothered to show up and actually ride the event. Everyone, (including veterans) will have a crack at the remaining (at least 50) spots on the roster starting November 15th, or at a point where we reach 50 veteran entries.

A personal note: If you are just toying with the idea of T.I.V4 and are not really sure you would do it, but are going to get your foot in the door just in case.......don't do it! Don't even bother registering. You'll most likely drop out, and thus waste a lot of resources and time on my end. We have had drop outs the first two years, (T.I.V2 most notably because of the weather), but nothing approaches the scale of last year/this past spring where a full 64 people dropped out after being registered! That's right, half of the registered field! 35 didn't bother at all to say they wouldn't show up last April and I had their cue sheets ready, race packets ready, and had what little swag readied for them too. I worked several hours with my family helping out to get that done and they stiffed me. Thanks! (grrrrr!!)

So, yeah.....that kinda cheeses me off and frankly was one of the reasons that T.I. almost didn't happen again. Do me and everyone else that takes this event seriously a favor, do not register if you don't know you will even show up or not. Register if you know you want to do this badly, register if you can't get it outta your mind. And by all means, if you do register and have to drop out, please let me know ahead of time and don't be a no-show! That really ticks me off.

There! Rant off!

WTB Rubber: 2008 will be another banner year for 29"er freaks in a lot of ways. WTB is contributing to that in a big way by introducing three new tread patterns for 29"ers. That's more new tires than some companies have for 29"ers in their whole line. Check out the new goodies that arrived here at the Lab on Twenty Nine Inches. I'll have some things to say about these treads in days to come here too, so stay tuned!

And Finally....... We'll be riding off into the darkness more and more here soon and especially with the clocks getting turned back an hour here Saturday with the end of Daylight Savings Time. (What a farcical concept that is!) I've still got to score some lights worthy of off roading. There was this industry dealio that I signed up for that has vaporized, so I'm going to have to start looking elsewhere. Maybe I'll homebrew something up in the Lab......hmmm. I do have some parts to start with. Anyway, suggestions from the gallery are always welcome! You never know, some night racing might just materialize out of this for next season. You know, when the weather is warm and the daylight hours are counted in the teens? Remember that? Ha ha!

Okay, ride your bikes and have fun this weekend. Whatever your flavor of bike is, just ride!

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