Thursday, February 21, 2008

All About Gravel

Todays post is all about gravel and gravel related things. No, it's not a basic materials discussion! This is about that classic activity- gravel grindin'- Mid-Western style!

First up we have an idea. There seems to be a growing number of freaks putting on low key gravely adventures around these parts. My thought is that there might be a need for a clearing house of sorts. A place dedicated to gravel road rides only and a place where rides could be added that others could go to and check out. There could be a FAQ for set ups, cue sheets, and the like. Anybodies ride from 50 miles on up could be posted on a calendar. Links to routes online could be provided.

It all could be in one place instead of scattered all over folks blogs and what not. Just an idea. And I'm not saying I'd run it, mind you! It's not like I need anymore to do. I'm just wondering if it is an idea that makes sense to anyone else.

Celebrity Gravel Grinders: Word on is that Keith Bontrager is coming out from California to do the Dirty Kanza 200 in May. Folks have joked about having Lance Armstrong come and do Trans Iowa before, but this is for real. Organizer Jim Cummings hints that there may be more big names coming. I'm guessing one of them will be Cameron Chambers, who just resigned with Fisher/Subaru, and is a native to the area. In fact Cameron often rides the recon of DK 200, so he is a fan of sorts. Late Edit: Cameron is already in! Must be some other "high profile" folks Jim has in mind.

Test Your Set Up: An issue came up on the Trans Iowa discussion thread on about mounting accesory items to your handle bars. Here's an idea: Test out your set ups! Ride them across rail road tracks multiple times. Heck, ride 'em down some abandoned rails if you can. Just make sure your set up is tight and secure. I hear stories every year about loose or lost items from handlebar mounts that were not tight, or worked themselves loose. Can't say I never warned ya!

Speaking of Trans Iowa: We're supposed to do a bit more recon this weekend, but this crap-tastic weather we've been having will perhaps hinder that thought again. The prospect of busting drifts isn't a good thing and I doubt the roads we are thinking on checking out will be high priorities for maintenance. Looks like we'll be doing all this at the last minute this year!

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