Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday News and Views

Trans Iowa Rule Addition: Remembering the snafus surrounding T.I.V2 and hearing about the lack of a plan for weather related chaos at the 24 Hours of 9 Mile a couple of years back made me think. I figured we had better have a statement on how Trans Iowa would look if that happened again at our event. Hit the site link and check out the Rules section. We have a plan!

Also, we are cooking up an idea for a pre-race meet-up that will include a meal and may have a beverage sponsor. Stay Tuned!

Frost Bike: Speaking of plans...... I was contacted by Carlos, my co-worker last night and we are hooking up for the drive to and from Frostbike. This will mean that I will be getting the insiders view of the whole enchilada from set up to tear down and everything inbetween. I'll bring all of the hijinx to you here and I will be posting on Twenty Nine Inches too. Of course, this means I will also have to be Carlos' free labor for set up and tear down. That's okay, because I know he's a pretty nice guy.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show: Like bikes? I figure you probably do if you are reading this. Well, the most unlikely collection of eye candy is going to be assembled in one place this weekend in Portland, Oregon. I know there will be a lot of coverage so seeing all of the show from the comfort of your home shouldn't be a problem. I've got a question for you out there. How many of the rigs that are going to be shown will ever get "real life usage"? I mean, how much of this eye candy becomes "garage queens" and how much of it gets greasy, dirty, and well......used up? My guess is that a fair amount of these rigs see more time under a polishing rag then under a chamois. Just a hunch.

That's it for today. Topsy-turvy weather all over the nation causing some chaos. Hope you are okay where ever you live. Get out and ride!

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