Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday News And Views

Ask And You Shall Recieve: Yesterday I saw this in my inbox: Ask and you shall recieve. Wow! That didn't take long. (If you are confused, see yesterday's post) Any body out there with any gravel rides, please e-mail the address in the first post at Iowa Gravel and get this site rolling. Thanks!

Now since I got one wish, do I get two more? Hmm.................

Panasonic Introduces A Titanium Electric "Bicycle": And you are sayin, "so what!" Well, it just is amazing to me that these contraptions ride the coat tails of bicycling. As if these vehicles had anything to do with bicycling at all. You and I both know that any two wheeled vehicle with a motor attached and happens to have pedals isn't going to be ridden as a bicycle. Nope! Say it with me now- mo-tor-cy-cle. That's right, motorcycle. Not bicycle. To even think these things are not motorcycles is an exercise in the most deplorable form of denial I know of. At the very best, they are mo-peds and should be treated as such. I just hope I never see one of these on a bicycle path.

It's the weekend.....and it is warmer!: Wow! A weekend where I don't have any big plans and it is supposed to get into the 30's? Hmm.........I'm looking at my short sleeved jersey! (Ha! Not really!) Anyway, a ride will be in the offing. I hope to be able to put in a nice long one too, but we shall see. Just being out pedaling will be a joy that has been suppressed for far too long lately. Gotta be careful though as I am still nursing a bit of a head cold.

Trans Iowa Sponsors: A big shout out to Surly and Princeton Tec for supplying Trans Iowa V4 with prizing and support. I would like to say on behalf of d.p. that we deeply appreciate the way these companies have stepped forward. Surly is a long time sponsor of T.I. and is again offering a frameset of choice to the T.I.V4 winner. Princeton Tec is a new sponsor for T.I. and is offering three of it's EOS lights as a first place prize for each category and also it's Fuel lamps for our volunteers to use during the nightime portions of T.I.V4. Please check out the links for more information and let our sponsors know you saw it here. Thanks!

Stay tuned for more T.I.V4 sponsor news.

Have a great weekend.

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