Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday! And I'm Off!

Goin' To Minneapolis: Well..........Bloomington, really. I have a bit of a pet peeve, I guess. I remember being in college and asking people where they were from. If they were from small, podunk Iowa town, well they said so. They didn'y say they were from Cedar Rapids, even if there town was only 5 miles away. But ask a person that was really from Oak Park Illinois where they were from and guess what they would say. Yep.....Chicago! I had actually been to Chicago, the South Side, mind you. So, I'd ask, had they ever been to Chicago proper? Lots of them said no. I'm going to Bloomington, okay? Leaving at 8:00am. Frostbike. See ya there if you're going.

Speaking of seeing people there: I got a phone call from George Wissell last night. He's been trying to meet me, and I've been trying to meet him for two years now. Hopefully that will come to an end tomorrow at the latest, but anyway........the phone call! Yeah, so he calls me and asks when I'll be in town. I say tomorrow, (Friday). I politely ask him when he'll be there. .....pauses....."I'm already here!" (As in, "Whattya mean? I'm already here" tone of voice) He said he was "flabbergasted" at the amount of music the Twin Cities had and that he was going out clubbing. I've a strange feeling that if I miss George this time, it'll have something to do with that!

More Titanium news: Ever heard of Everti? Well, I had a few times before, but I'll admit that they are not to well known in this neck of the woods. Check out the latest titanium 29"er to hit the market with a decidedly old skool Canadian flavor.

Road Cycling's Version of Mecca? Well, with the Tour de France totally mucking up its once vaunted posistion as the "cycling mecca" for road bikers, something else is going to have to fill that void. That void might just be "Mellow Johnny's". Yes, I said Mellow Johnny's! If you weren't aware, the name is supposedly the nic-name given to Lance Armstrong while he was "in yellow" by fellow riders of the peloton. This new shop, in the heart of Austin Texas, will focus on commuter bikes and will feature several items of memorabilia related to Armstrong's seven Tour victories.

Since Lance has a lifetime contract with Trek Bicycles, I wonder what brand that shop will carry, hmm..................

So, that's your bits and pieces for today! I hope your weekend includes some riding. Stay warm!

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