Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How Hard Could It Be?

Speechless: I came into work on Monday and this was on the bench across from mine. Some things are just too weird to explain.
Winter Strikes Again: I was supposed to go to Dcorah and meet with the Decorah Human Powered Trails folks on my ideas for Trans Iowa and The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. Well, the big snow storm has seen to it that I didn't make the meeting. Oh well, I'll be headed up there in March to make up for it.
Tubeless Update: I've kept after the set up on the rear tire of the Badger and last night was the first night it made it through holding air pressure. Let's see, I said sometimes it takes days to set up a tubeless tire? Yeah..........this one took six days to make it overnight holding air! I suspect that now that I have it set up it will be okay until it the middle of nowhere.............
Frostbike: Yeah, this is going to be fun. Frostbike is the mini-trade show/open house put on by the powerhouse distributor "Q". (That's insider lingo for "QBP" or Quality Bicycle Parts) It takes place on February 16th-17th in Bloomington, Minnesota. I'm going up for the whole weekend and take it all in. Should be a good time. New products should turn up and rumors and news should be running rampant. Stay tuned!
Well, there already are some things bubbling underneath the surface of public knowledge that I can't talk about..........yet! It's getting exciting and I can't even ride outside yet, which makes all the news and rumors harder to keep a lid on, but I will. All in good time! As the strange figure in the box I saw at work on Monday says: "How hard could it be?"

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