Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Workin' On Some Night Moves

<=== The Monkey lives again!

I finished off the KMFDM last night and took it outside for a first spin. Very, very carefully I might add! The fixed " fjear" thing is brand new to me and what with the heinous iced up roads, I didn't want to case myself on the first try.

I've read that some fixed gear riders prefer non-coasting rigs in sketchy conditions because they have more control over the rear wheel. Hmm.....maybe that's true, I don't know about that. I do know that it was so slippery that I got the tire to slip when I put a little back pressure on the pedals! I only forgot not to coast once, but since I was going at about walking speed, the pedals gently reminded me that the legs had to keep up. No problems yet that way.

I don't know, because I have not kept track of it, but this must be about the fourth incarnation of the Monkey since I took delivery of the frame and fork in march of '03. It's the everchanging Monkey. Chameleon Monkey! Ha ha!

Nah...........I like KMFDM better. (Karate Monkey Fixie Death Machine) It fits in so many ways.

Well, if anyone cares, here's the rundown on the spec on this beast. Starting out with the obvious 2003 Campstove Green 20" Karate Monkey frame and fork we add the following: Surly "Jim Brown" hubs with nutted axles and a 19T Tomi Cog bolted to the disc mount with a 20T ACS Claws freewheel on the other side. 160mm Avid BB-7 disc brake up front. "El-Cheapo" no name front lever pulling Clarke Clim 8 cable through the Clim 8 stainless steel braided housing. Origin 8 "Space Bar" with Ergon grips. Control Tech stem from the 90's with a Niner YAWYD top cap. Ritchey seat post, WTB Speed V saddle, and Planet Bike Freddy Fender Cascadia fenders. Old Sugino 170mm crank, BCD 110 with a 34T Surly stainless steel ring running a Wipperman BMX chain. That turns the Velocity custom chocolate brown colored Deep V rims shod with Specialized Fast Trak tires. Pedals are some Wellgo flats. Bottom bracket is a square taper Shimano UN-53 73mm X 118mm spindle.

So that's about it really. I'm glad to have this beast done and rideable because when this icy crap and snow decides to melt we will be having some very wet, very messy conditions for a few weeks. Perfect for a fendered fixie fat tire machine like the KMFDM.

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