Tuesday, February 19, 2008


<===A little hand made death star!
One of the highlights of Frostbike for me was finally getting my Tomi Cog which was hand delivered to me by Arsbars who made the trip up from the South East to see what winter was really supposed to be like!
Anyway, some folks think I'm mad, but this is one of the key pieces towards the completion of my Karate Monkey Fixie Death Machine. (KMFDM for short) It is going to be an off road fixie. Yep! I'm goin' for it, although it will also see plenty of duty as a gravel grinder bike for base training for the upcoming Dirty Kanza 200. I tinkered with the bike a bit last night and it'll be ready soon.
I got another unexpected addition for the build at Frostbike when I scored a Wipperman BMX-1 G 8 chain for the bike. It's a brute of a chain that the Wipperman folks told me would be twice as strong in tensile strength as a regular chain. I suppose that's a good thing for a fixie, which they assured me it was. Well as well as any 6 foot plus German woman could assure me. "Ze chain....yezz it eez veddy stronnngah." Umm.......okay. I believe you......please don't hurt me! Heh heh! So, anyway, yeah........that's a beefy chain all right. Very heavy at least if not veddy stronnngah.
Not that this all matters yet anyway. We got new ice over the weekend and snow on top of it. Now it is -4 Fahrenheit and a bit of a wind plummets the death chill factor to a point where I'm not risking getting any sicker riding out side. Yep! Got a head cold going. Serves me right, I suppose for all the hi-jinx over the weekend. All will be well, I'm sure.
It just means I have time to really dial in the KMFDM before Slop Season hits. Oh yeah, it's got fenders too. I'm ready!

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