Sunday, February 17, 2008

Much Mellower

Well the second day here was a much less eventful day, thankfully, than Friday was. I spent the entire day wandering around inside Frostbike, meeting people, checking out products, and just generally shooting the breeze, especially later in the day.

I finally met George Wissell of Bike 29 after a couple years of missed opportunities. I had a fantastic time hanging out with him and chatting. Beers were had and stories were told and heard. The evening was still young when I finally cashed it in after a much less embarrassing day. And that's okay with me, ya know? I had fun and made some new connections, so it was all good.

Products on the 29"er side of things were awesome, but...................I can't tell ya yet! So many super cool things are happening that will come out later in the year, so don't think for a minute that 29"ers are "flat lining". Nope, no way. 2008 is going to be a great year for big wheelers everywhere.

I can say that there are more tires coming from Hutchinson, Michelin, Panaracer, and Continental. The new Reba should be really sweet. 80-100-120mm travel, convertible internally, 20mm thru-axle, and stiffer chassis then before. Internals are not known at this time, but I think they have been refined somewhat. It will definitely be a "Top Ten" product for 2008, (if it comes out this year) or '09 for sure.

Today, (Sunday) were hearing news of a snowstorm in Iowa that may inhibit my getting home. We'll see. Carlos has the four wheel drive V-dub, so hopefully we'll make it through.

A long weekends recap for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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