Monday, February 18, 2008

Back To Reality

Frostbike is in the history books. I got a chance to see it all from "behind the curtains", so to speak, as I was there to set up and to tear down. It was a long, whirlwind of a weekend that wore me out, and I wasn't even really working all that hard!

The people that set up Frostbike, (The QBP folks) really were pooped. Some of them were not only "getting the house in order" for the show, but had to work the floor during the show as well. I am in awe of all the detail and thought that goes into Frostbike. Sure, somethings went awry, but we are dealing with humans after all. Mainly it went pretty smoothly, as far as I could tell, and looked like a success from where I stood.

Sunday turned out to be a day that saw me chasing down a few details concerning T.I.V4 and generally just finding out some stuff for my own sake concerning the shop job. I also found myself working the Ergon booth for a bit when it got busy while carlos was out wandering around somewhere. Even ol' "dirtram" was seen pitching in. (Locals may know him as Clay). At the end of it all, I helped Carlos tear down and we were on the road by 4pm. However; we wouldn't see our front doors for 4.5 hours. This trip normally takes just a hair over three hours.

The storm we heard about hit with slushy snow that turned a lot of I-35 and HWY 218/27 into an icy mess. Cars and trucks in the ditch were too numerous to count. Much of the trip we were going 30 - 40mph. The good news? We made it with no drama. A little on the edge of our seats, but we made it. Great driving Carlos!

So, today I get an unexpected day off since schools are cancelled here and I'll be with my kids. A big difference from the hectic pace of the weekend!

Thanks for a great weekend to the following: Carl Buchanan, Jason Boucher, George Wissell, All the Salsa Crew, The Surly Boys, Quality Bicycle Products, and the many vendors at the show that I either met or reconnected with. It was great!

Now it's back to my "regularly scheduled programming"!

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