Thursday, December 02, 2010

The "Other Bike" Project

While I have been focused on the gravel grinder bike concept for some time now, I am going to leave that alone for a bit and today I want to talk about my "other bike" project which should start coming together here very soon.

<==(Image courtesy of Ben Witt) This project starts out around this gorgeous Phil Wood custom 170mm O.L.D. hub. Ben Witt turned me on to these. The 170mm dimension is a tip off to what kind of bike this hub works with, and if you've been paying attention, you know that bike is a Salsa Cycles Mukluk. It is really hard to get a feeling for the proportions of this hub without holding it in your hand. It is just plain silly. Typical Phil Wood machine work makes this hub even more fun to look at. Of course, the bearings and all are top notch inside.

Of course, one needs a matching Phil Wood hub for the front, and here is an image, (courtesy of Ben Witt again),  of a matched pair. These are the actual hubs Ben is going to use on his personal build Mukluk. The Mukluk takes a 135mm rear specific hub for the front end. Note that the Phil Wood custom hub, which is like a rear hub from the width and disc mounting standpoint, looks like any other front hub otherwise. Pretty trick. I believe the one I am getting actually has a thread on interface for a single speed cog though, which is cool from the stand point of versatility. Again, these are custom hubs and if you need more info, just hit up Milltown Cycles for more. That's where I am getting these hubs from.

<===(Image from Ben Witt....again!) Of course, you have to have something to lace the hubs to. The original plan was to go with the Vicious Cycles Graceful Fat Sheba rims. (A fair jaw-cracker of a product name there, eh?) Well, Ben calls me up the other day and says, "I can not let you use those rims!" Why? Because the "unobtanium" Surly Rolling Darryls suddenly were "obtanium".

Look at that weight. That's about what a highly Swiss cheesed GFS rim would weigh in at and far less than a stock GFS. Plus, it is a hair wider, and more importantly, a better rim. The spokes will be equally as nice, and the whole wheel set will really be quite an upgrade over the stock Salsa/GFS wheels.

Of course, this will all go on the otherwise stock Mukluk complete at some point. I'm hoping to pick up the rims and at least one of  the hubs this weekend with wheel building to commence shortly afterward. Stay tuned for the "Other Bike" project's wheels to be shown here soon.


Uncle Don said...

Would you or Ben care to comment on why you're avoiding the Vicious Cycles Graceful Fat Sheba rims?


Guitar Ted said...

@Uncle Don: Ben may comment, but as it was my decision in the end, I'll also add my two cents....

The Rolling Darryl's are just a higher quality extrusion. I've seen both and handled them as well. Not only that, but the Darryl's also have a better bead seat, are a hair wider, and well, let's face facts- they flat out beat the GFS in the looks department as well.

Better execution in design, better looking, and the promise of better performance. Oh! Did I mention that the Darryl's are lighter as well. There ya go. No contest in my mind.