Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A Little Catching Up

A Christmas Day ride
With all the looking back on things, you may be wondering what is up in current terms with me here. Well, this post is aimed at catching you up on happenings around Guitar Ted Headquarters. 

So, I need to go back a bit here to help this make sense. When Fall was coming on, I was prepared for not working much through the Winter, and to prepare for that, I had been saving money to pay bills and whatnot. However; I wasn't quite where I felt comfortable. So, through speaking with a friend of mine, I found out there was a very part time, hit or miss chance that I could pick up some extra cash by helping at a moving company. I said I was interested, since every little bit helps, and I can pick things up and set them down again. (This isn't to belittle what movers do, I just had no idea what I was in for)

Of course, then Andy announced that he was going out of business. I put a bug in this person's ear that I was out of work. Then at about this time a miracle happened, (literally) that made it so that I wasn't going to have any financial stress over the Winter. But I had made a pledge to help at this moving company, so in order to uphold my word, I went to work a couple of weeks ago as a mover. 

The first day on the job I whacked my knee against something while using a two-wheeler cart which was loaded with boxes. I didn't think much of it at the time, but the next day my knee was stiff and sore. The moving bit- very hard work. So, my whole body was a bit 'angry' with me anyway, and it took about three days before my knee got to feeling 'okay'. Of course, no riding happened, so I wouldn't do any further damage. I didn't have to go in again until after those three days and then it was two days in a row which pretty much kicked my knee to the curb. It gets better every day, but I'm only doing short spins near the house and I'm doing some icing, stretching, and self-massage to get the swelling down. Walking helps. Spinning fast on a bike really helps, and so those are the things I've been doing. 

This weather is crazy for late December.

Meanwhile the weather has been insane. 47°F in Iowa on Christmas Day? Unheard of! I mean, we've had 'no-snow' Christmas Days before, but never this warm, to my recollection anyway. I'm sure January will somehow manage to balance the ledger, so I'm not at all thinking that we're going to get an easy time of it. Nope! But every day it is like this is one less day Winter can be brutal, cold, and snowy. The way I have it figured, we only can have two and maybe a half months of real Wintry weather before the Sun starts to win and Spring does its thing here again. 

I'm doing some rearranging in the shop, I have a project or two in mind, and I expect that I may be doing a bit 'more moving of things' with that moving company for a bit. We'll see. If this knee doesn't improve I may have to 'retire' from that experience. And let me tell ya- this is quite an experience! Meanwhile, I am probing my outlook for a different job, but I won't get real intent on that until the New Year is by.

I've got a few more "Rear View"things happening and then the "State Of The Gravel Scene" posts will kick off the New Year with a "Trans Iowa Stories" post sandwiched in there. After Tuesday next week I'll be back to regular blogging again. So, things will be 'back to normal' here soon.

Thanks for reading!

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