Saturday, December 04, 2021

Virtual Turkey Burn Report: Ari Andonopoulous

Ari chose his Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross model for this ride.

 Welcome to this "Virtual Turkey Burn Report". The idea was floated out a week before Thanksgiving 2021 that if you had a 'neglected bike', or if you just wanted to participate in a virtual gravel ride style deal, you could. The stipulation being that to be a part of things you had to send me an image and a few words about who you are and what the ride was about. So, with that I received a few reports, which this is one of.

I have edited lightly for clarity, but I have striven to retain the writer's voice in each report. Enjoy!

This final report is from my good friend, Ari Andonopoulous, who was a ten year veteran of Trans Iowa and the "El Presidente'" of the Slender Fungus Cycling Association, and has been a bicycle mechanic for many years.

I stayed on the left of Jim so I wouldn't crash him since I cannot see out of my left eye. 

50+ degrees and sunny on my day off. It’s like hitting the lotto jackpot.

Now I’m trashed but glad. So much easier with another rider. Don’t know if I could have done it solo.

Thanks Ari for the report!


teamdarb said...

Good on you Ari! Having a partner can go a long way sometimes. Good looking bike as well.

Gravelo said...

Those classic lines of the BMC bikes are nice! I used to read that blog a lot, all of the Steve Potts bikes and old Ritcheys that come into that shop are so cool. I saw a video of 2 guys riding up and around Black Mountain (Lost Roads, Idyllwild) if you're interested in some tasty looking roads.

Gravelo said...

Sorry, "Forgotten Roads, Idyllwild"