Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Bikes Of 2021: Twin Six Standard Rando v2

Earlier 2021 version of the T-6 Standard Rando v2
 It's the end of the year and time to review what's up with the bikes I used over the course of 2021. You'll get a brief overview, any changes made, and what the future has in store for each bike listed. Enjoy!

The Standard Rando v2 is my newest bicycle in the stable here. I purchased this in the Summer of 2020, so it is my 'pandemic bike', I guess. But be that as it may, this one also does a lot of review work, so once again- Standard Disclaimer.  

Okay, so this single speed has seen the most changes of any of the bikes here this year. From 650B wheels and tires and a mustache bar to 700c wheels and tires and a drop bar, the Standard Rando v2 has been a joy to ride and with the Redshift ShockStop stem, even that beefy, over-built front carbon fork is no big deal anymore. 

Drop bars, 700c wheels

 If you ask me, (and you probably wouldn't, but I'm telling you anyway!), I like the 700c better and the drop bars are better too. So, don't expect to see the Standard Rando set up the way it was this Spring here again. That said, for Winter/early Spring, I may go back to the 650B wheels as they seem to track better in poor conditions and softer terrain. 

I recently added an under-the-downtube water bottle cage for better self-sufficiency. I did not have to stop at all at a convenience store on my Turkey Burn ride, as an example. I like that, especially with regard to this pandemic deal. So, while some may eschew all the bottles due to 'the look' or because of 'aero' concerns, I don't care. Self-sufficiency trumps all of that for me. If I can pack it on me or the bike, I will do that first. 

Changes? Probably only review items from this point. I really like it single speed. I'd be hard pressed to go geared with this bike, although I'd likely love it that way also. So, for now, what you see is what you will get to see. Besides a pipe dream I have of getting single speed specific through axle disc hubs for this, and maybe a new crank set- that carbon one is getting pretty janky looking, I just don't see any big changes anytime soon. 

That's a wrap on the Bikes of 2021. Thanks for reading these entries!


james said...

How is the eccentric BB working out? Still recommend it?

Also, what gearing do you like to run? Do you ever change for different terrain or distances?

Guitar Ted said...

@james - The eccentric is great on this bike. It's a Wheel Manufacturing model for SRAM cranks. I was nervous about it working loose for a while to begin with but now I don't even check it anymore it is so reliable. And it is dead quiet too.

Gearing is 40T front X 20T rear. I don't like messing with chain tensioning or swapping cogs so I just live with that no matter where I go, or for how long. I've almost always been somewhere in the 38T/40T X 18/20T range on bikes set up for single speed gravel. It just feels right to me.