Saturday, December 04, 2021

Virtual Turkey Burn Reports: Mike Baggio

 Welcome to this "Virtual Turkey Burn Report". The idea was floated out a week before Thanksgiving 2021 that if you had a 'neglected bike', or if you just wanted to participate in a virtual gravel ride style deal, you could. The stipulation being that to be a part of things you had to send me an image and a few words about who you are and what the ride was about. So, with that I received a few reports, which this is one of.

I have edited lightly for clarity, but I have striven to retain the writer's voice in each report. Enjoy!

This one is from Mike Baggio, one of my veteran helpers from the Trans Iowa days. Mike hails from Tennessee these days and took this chance to drag out a couple of bikes on two different rides on local gravel routes. 

Mike says this one was taken off his front porch by his wife, Sandy.

Mike tells me it is steep around where he lives. This image doesn't do the climb justice!

One of the 'neglected but not forgotten' rigs Mike used on his rides.

All this is right out Mike's back door, (or front door!).

Mike says this is one of his 'back up bikes". Nice!

Mike adds, "Here are some pics from my "back upbike" weekend. Hit the trails and had fun pounding out the newly gravelled hills on my street."

"Two separate rides. No clue on miles but sure had fun on a couple of bikes that haven't seen much action this year. Great idea, GT!"

Thanks Mike! I'm a bit envious of your 'newly gravelled roads', and it looks beautiful out there in Tennessee. 

Stay tuned for Ben's post coming next! 

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teamdarb said...

Good going Mike. I always chuckle when cyclotourists say that they cannot wait to get out of NC into TN for flatter land.