Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Bikes Of 2021: The 'Other Townie'

  It's the end of the year and time to review what's up with the bikes I used over the course of 2021. You'll get a brief overview, any changes made, and what the future has in store for each bike listed. Enjoy!

This old bike is my 'other townie' rig which, as you can see, is a hauler more than the first one is. Regular long-time readers of the blog will recognize this bike as the old Schwinn High Sierra from about 1988 or so when the roller cam brake was popular.

This old rig had sat out in the garage too long and the Brooks Pro saddle got pretty dried up and water damaged. I managed to bring it back to life with a good slathering, both topside and bottom, of Brook's Proofide. A little cleaning and a tune up later I was back on the road with this old rig. 

What is ironic about this bike is that the wheels I am using on it came off that old Mongoose MTB I turned into a touring bike and was the bike I rode and is featured in the "Touring Series" posts, (link under the header). Wheels deemed 'too weak' by one of my mentors in the cycling world. Well, this is one of those deals where you might say. "Look at me now, why don'tcha?!

I've got a few niggles to work out with this bike. The fenders rattle against the tires too much, so they have to be removed or changed out to wider fenders, if possible. I have a front brake boss which is out of round ( I think) and needs attention, but the tools specific for roller cam brake bosses are rare and I don't have any of that stuff. 

Otherwise this is about as good as it gets for urban rambling. 

Next: A pair of gravel bikes. Gotta go to two-a-days to get these all in!

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