Sunday, August 28, 2005

Late Edition: Sunday Tidbits

Several things have struck me today as being rather interesting. Here are my thoughts. First, I would be remiss for not sending out my thoughts and prayers to the people of the Gulf Coast as they are about to suffer a major calamity. I hope you do the same. Now.....on to the stuff.

1. The information that I got last weekend at the Trek Show concerning the Super Caliber Race Day bike and the 29 inch Bontrager tubeless tire/rim systems has again popped up in discussions here and here. In the first hyperlink, you will learn that not only will we not be seeing a tubeless system anytime soon, but that Bontrager and WTB have apparently pulled all their 29 inch aramid bead folding tires from the market! The second hyperlink will take you to a discussion that includes the interesting tidbits of information pointing to a long delay in the arrival of any 29 inch wheeled Race Day bike from Fisher. Oddly enough, this is exactly what I reported last week, and what the marketing head at Fisher said I was dead wrong about. I would tend to think that the information coming out the back door at Trek is a little more reliable than what we are used to hearing out the front door!

2. I really am not sure I want to say too much about this next subject, for fear of appearing that I am tooting my own horn. So, briefly I will say that I had the great pleasure to provide a young man with a mountain bike that I had laying around here at Guitar Ted Labratories so he could race it at today's Camp Ingawanis XC event. It was his very first mountain bike experience, and he pulled down a 5th place in the beginners class! ( I should mention that he won the state championship BMX race the day before for his class!) Way to go, Jimmy! I'm proud of ya! There will be a major announcement coming in connection with this, so hold on, ya'all!

3. I spent alot of time monitoring the reaction to the banning of Jeff from the world solo 24hrs of Adrenaline championships. I am afraid that the director of that series has made a grave mistake. The ball is in his court now, and it will be interesting to see what type of reaction, if any, will precipitate from all of this. I think the future of this series hangs in the balance. It's too bad that it had to end this way. I don't forsee anything positive coming from this, but let's hope I'm wrong about that!

4. I have been questioned as to my plans for the coming weekend- whether or not I might come to the 24 hour race at Seven Oaks, near Boone. Well, regretfully I have to decline. You see, a certain Mr. 24 and his co-hort, Carlos: Lord Sith of the Jackals (, whatever, doode!) are going to be down there. That leaves me to be working on Sunday with Leans on Wood. So, no cavorting amongst the woodland creatures for me! I am; however, planning on doing a major gravel grinder after work on Sunday to Alden, Iowa. Well, if the weather holds out!

Speaking of out.....I am!

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