Sunday, August 21, 2005

More Trek Show!

Some more from the show.

Top: The new sub 900 buck Cobia 29 inch wheeled bike.

Third One Down: Sticker on the non-driveside chainstay of the Ferrous. Not everything you see is "REAL"!

Bottom: Shakabuku checking out the "sticker" for Monkeytron; a hilarious blog!

Second One Down: The man in the "chops" and the goofy look- yeah! Poppa Vinny!!!

Fourth One Down: The new 29 inch wheeled X-Cal. I'm trying to show how it turns green in the light. Check out the "sheen" on that top tube for a little taste. The camera does not capture the reality!


MunkieFast said...

Thanks for the plugs. The favor will be returned.

loonyOne said...

Good pic of Vinny!! Havent' heard from him since the papoose arrived.