Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Thought We Were Finally Over This.......

The Swirling Black Hole of Bicycle Parts has reappeared in the shop area at work!
Guitar Ted Productions

Well, I guess we aren't getting this out of our system. "Someone" seems to think that Mr 24 and I need to run an obstacle while we are at work! We had a similar problem earlier in the year. I think some people are just wired a little differently. They just can't seem to function without a certain level of chaos in their lives. Unfortunately, this tends to have a very negative effect on those of us in society that could just as well do without such nuisances. Anyway, place your bets on how long this mess will lay undisturbed and the winner will be deemed wisecracker of the week! Tip: It's already been dormant for three full days, so far! Jeff swears he can hear it softly speaking to him....suck.....suck.....suck......

Warning to anyone visiting our shop! Stay out of the shop area! You might just get tripped up by the Swirling Black Hole of Bicycle Parts! Well, if that doesn't get you, then Carlos Lord Jackal of the Sith may obliterate you from his Imperial Star Cruiser now circling our planet! Carlos, you are trippin' us out here, doode!

Pancakes are about to arrive here at the Guitar Ted family table! OUT!

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PaddyH said...

"hi, uh, I need my bike fixed, um, I thinks its just a flat tire or something, uh, I'm kinda in a hurry, so could you do it while I wait...oh, just one more question, can I watch? and I know so-and-so and he says he gets a deal here, so what about me?"