Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Garage Bike Classics

Today's classic is a rather rare example of a top of the line Peugot racing bike. True, there are a ton of Peugot's out there, but think of this as the "Madone SL" of it's day.

The French not only had their own home made frames that they could ride, but also there own groupset- Simplex! For many of you old timers, Simplex= plastic= bad! Well, not this time, buddy! This is kitted out with the all alloy Simplex derailluers, shifters, and the ever so rare Simplex seat pin. Brakes are Campy, along with the levers. Wheels are not standard issue, but period correct Phil Wood hubs on Mavic rims. Campy skewers, and a rare Stronglight Model 99 crankset round out the spec on this Reynolds 531 frame and fork.

Pretty crazy fact about this bike is that is was on loan to a son as a college commuter for about a year! Now it does duty as the "loaner bike" for the owner. Nutty! A true classic relegated to mule duty. Oh well! Until the next dusty, crusty, old gem comes through, adios!

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