Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Someone Is Watching!

It seems as though that a certain manufacturing conglomerate has been snooping around on some blogs on the ol' net here! Either that, or some cubicle ranger is wanderin' around on company time! You see, there are these little net-bots called trackers that'll let you know from where people are veiwing your schtuff! (Wish I'd a had that capability back in high school!) Anywhoo, it appears that said corporation has been at three different blogs, that I'm aware of, checking on some recent posts! Big Brother is Watching!!

Talking about the recent Trek Show on the mtbr.com forums has brought about a bit of controversy for the Guitar Ted Public Relations Department to deal with. Not to worry! G.T.P.R.D. has it all under control! We pride ourselves on quality, home grown journalism here at the palatial Guitar Ted Labratories. We do not use anything but the finest organically produced thoughts and feelings. Nothing like the mass produced drivel that passes for information elsewhere! No preservatives or un-natural chemicals here! If our stuff starts to smell, we throw it out! Bombs away!

I came across something of interest for those of you that reside in the Tri-State area. (That being, Iowa-Minnesota-Wisconsin) There is a mountain bike summit planned for September 9th and going through the 11th at Lebanon Hills Regional Park, in Minnesota. There will be planned mountain bike rides, commaraderie, and prizes! Check it out here!

Finally, something I've mentioned recently, but didn't link. (Bad Monkey!) I hope ya'all enjoy what you find in that zoo!

All righty then! Don't forget to give Mr. 24 some pre-Worlds love and support! He needs a hug!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Hug? I don't need no stink'n hug. Grrrrrrrr.

Yogi Da bear said...

Yeah, we're watching you! ;) Heh. At least a small group of us are cheering you on GT. Keep posting! We want to know how we can better serve our customers, no matter how painful it might be for us to take.