Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Good News On "The Show"

Well, it looks like maybe things will work out for me to attend the Trek Show afterall! I guess there has been enough squeeking on the net here to bring the attention of the wheels at Waterloo to bear on the problem. Good! I'm a bit grumpy about how the brass in Trek-land tried to pull that off under the radar, but I'm the forgiving type. (smile- wink!) So, I guess I'll be seeing some old friends and aquaintences, which should be fun! Also, the dirt on the new 29 inch wheel stuff will be dug up and proffered here for ya'all's perusal. Can't wait! Plan on the dirt demo too! It promises to be a hoot! ( So says Poppa Vinny!)

I got word that I have bike check in duty on Saturday am. for one of the trails festival rides. ( Insert yawn here!) I'm sure there will be plenty of gratuitous tippers on hand, pleased to return in greenbacks what I have offered in service! ( kaf! kaf!) Keeping in mind, this is Waterloo,Iowa we are talking about! Speaking of which...did you hear? Waterloo was mentioned in national radio news reports as being one of the cheapest housing markets in the U.S.A. Just goes to show you, it's not Waterloo, it's Ghetto-loo! Bet we'll see a huge influx of potential housing buyers from that news! Awesome!

Shop repair madness is abating somewhat. Seems that the new bike business is starting to pick up already again, though. Just sold a bike today to a returning college student, so we have a bit of that to look forward to. Plus the night ride for the trails festival should wipe us out of lights. If you don't know what I'm talking about, imagine 4-500 people out on the local bike path all at the same time, at night, with cheesy 2.5 watt halogen candles strapped to their bars! Add in copious amounts of alchohol, perhaps a smattering of recreational drug use, and a few meth heads, and you have a recipie for disaster! I went on this ride once..........once!

Okay, that's it for me! Time to hit the hay and look forward to getting my Salsa stem tomorrow! Wahoo!

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JG said...


I head up the Trek Dealer Insurance Program, so will be in Madison as well. Look up Holmes Murphy. I'll be there thru Saturday.

See you there.

Jed Gammell