Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why Children Quit Riding Bikes

The frame sticker reads, "Super Lite", "1020", "Taper Wall Main Tubes". So, I guess they aren't solid! They sure felt that way!
Guitar Ted Productions

We got this childrens 20" wheeled bike in the shop for a flat rear tire repair. When I went to put it in the repair stand, I about threw out my back! This thing was solid! (Not in the funky, good way, either) I had to weigh it! Yeeeeeaaaah! Riiiiggghhht! 30 and a third el-bees! You've got to be kidding me. A kids bike that weighs thirty plus! No wonder they give up on bikes at an early age. Think about it. If you are a kid, and your bike is this heavy, then how heavy is an adult bike going to be? (I'm using kid logic here, so bear with me) And something else that would bother me is how often the thing breaks! I mean, here I am, ready to head over to my friends house to hit the X-BOX, and my tire is flat, my chain threw off, and the front wheel wiggles worse than it did when Dad brought it home from Mall-Wart. Man! This bike sucks! I can't wait to get one of those tuner cars! Or a H2 with spinners! That'd be sooo pimp! Soooo tight!

I'm beggining to think that the oil companies have to be behind this somehow! How else can you explain this! The bikes would make me hate any form of two wheeled travel! Then there is the question of how? Like, how can this bike be that heavy? Is it made from some secret material that the government of China is using to infect our wee ones with a genetically altered disease that causes the kids to grow up corpulent, lazy, and complacent? If it is that, then it's working!

All I know is that my back hurts! I'm going to have to look for one of those lumbar belts if this keeps up!

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