Monday, August 08, 2005

Easy On The Wash Cycle There, Son!

Note the water on the floor. It all came out of this bikes headset when I hung it in my stand today to work on it!
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Today I got a wet surprise when I hung this nice Trek 5200 in the stand. Water! Ach! "Must be another open bottle in a cage", I thought to myself. Nope! It was coming out of the headset. Last time I cracked open a headset, I didn't find any water. Just grease and bearings. So, where did all that water come from? Well, my guess is this fellow washed it after his ragbrai adventure. Water, especially the high pressure delivered kind, likes to get into places it doesn't belong. Like the inside of your frame! This particular bike sat for a couple of days in the back room of the shop before I got it out to work on it. Soooo, that means that the bottom bracket got marinated in a watery bath for at least that long, if not longer. When I removed it, sure enough, I could tell there had been water all over it, and probably inside it too. Nice! But what do I know? Maybe this guy wants a new bottom bracket. This might just be his twisted call for help! Hmm.......maybe NOT!

Remember cycling fans, water in your frame is BAD! Go easy on the wash cycle. Don't be gettin' all manly with the Briggs and Stratton power washer, okay? Gentle! Try mixin' that word in with your cleaning routine, and you'll have a happy bike. Use water out of a bucket with a sponge, if you have to use water. I like spraying on a product called Pedro's Bike Lust for that sexy shine! But other stuff used in moderation can work too. Like Formula 409, or plain ol' Windex. Hey, maybe just clean your bike! Like, once in while, okay? It's a good way to inspect your bike, ( something else you should be doing!) and it keeps mechanics at the shop happy. Nothing like working on a worm gutted, greasy, white lighteninged, neglected bicycle. BAH! Come to think of it, maybe the owner of the 5200 had me in mind after all! I got to work on a clean bike, AND I got to laugh about it at the same time! WOW! Am I happy, or what!? Thanks, Buddy!!!

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Jeff Kerkove said...

A clean bike is a happy bike.

Maybe I should offer a class at Europa called..."The Mr. 24 Clean-o-rama: How to make your bike look like freek'n new." Good idea?