Friday, August 26, 2005


I was at work today when the e-mail came in to Jeff that the director of 24hrs of Adrenaline, Stuart Dorland, has "Suspended" Jeff from competing at any Adrenaline events for a year! This all based on comments Jeff posted on a thread on Check it out here .

In the thread, you will start to see a picture unfold of this event director, and it ain't pretty, my friends! I'm disgusted by this action, and baffled. How in the world does this guy ever hope to gain a positive image for his events by banning someone for voicing an opinion? Goofy!


MunkieFast said...

As the skater kids who come into the shop say, "That is so a gay"

Mike said...

Not goofy, just plain STUPID. I think we have begun to see the end of the 24 HOA. Maybe it'll make room for more nationally known events around here.