Thursday, August 11, 2005

Too Wet To Plow!

Got rained out on the commute this morning. I think the group ride probably got a little wet, as well. I'll have to wait to hear from Mr. 24 on how his "ragin'" went! Swirling Black Hole of Bicycle Parts Update: The thing must have imploded upon itself last night! I got to work this morning and it was completely gone! I suppose it reached critical mass, and just sucked itself into oblivion..........or something!

Well, the Trek Show fiasco has garnered some attention apparently. I'm getting some e-mail about it. I just wish that companies like Trek would realize that things like this tend to have a negative effect on bicycle shop employees. I do not have the same level of trust and loyalty that I had before this "incident". Think about it this way. I was pretty pumped to see the new model year merchandise. I was excited to talk about it, then the news that Trek wanted to charge my shop $200.00 for me to come. It used to be no charge! What? They must not want me to come, because neither my shop, nor I can swing that kind of cash, just for me to come up and stay overnight. Well, thankfully that has been resolved for this year. What about next year? hmm...............maybe we could all camp out, ragbrai style and have a wing-ding! Sounds good to me!

This years Trails Festival may turn out to be a wet one! Saturday's forecasts are calling for scattered thunderstorms throughout the day. whoopee! Dodging raindrops and lightening bolts sounds like an exciting way to spend my Saturday. Of course, Mr. 24 would just call it an extreme case of swamp-ass conditions and merrily go about his business, but then again- he's not quite right now, is he? Well, I suppose he's no less touched than I am! I just hope that the surly people stay at home! I have got a totally jacked up schedule this weekend, and I won't suffer fools gladly! Bad attitude? hmm........... maybe, but I seem to remember being promised that I wouldn't have to work on weekends the rest of the summer awhile back, and it being still summer and all..............Let's just say that a split shift on a supposed weekend off isn't going down too smooth! Add to that the weekend that I have to work on Saturday coming up on September the 10th, ( still technically summer) and you might see how a bad attitude would be hard to resist! Well, maybe not! Maybe your nicer than I. maybe! Okay, whining mode off!

I guess it must be the gloomy weather, because this post sounds pretty negative! Time for the bed, sleep, and a new day tomorrow! OUT!


Bear said...

When's the Trek dealer show? Depending on your route you'll be passing right by my house on your way through WI...awesome trails at Blue Mounds...If you bring a bike and I have off I'd meet you for a ride...

dirtram said...

Gee-Tahr Tehd,
it's a lot easier to pedal to work when it's snowing than when it's raining.

as for the whole Black Hole thing; doesn't someone have their own shop set up at home.

play the trail's festival like two fists and a boot bike shop, a la Papa Vinnie. as for the working weekends...maybe somebody shorter could work a weekend or two.

hope to see you in madison Marko
i'm out!!