Saturday, August 13, 2005

Too Wet To Plow!: Verse II

That's right, It's raining again! Fantastic! I'm going to take this opportunity to address some recent comments and post topics. Here goes!

1. The Swirling Black Hole of Bicycle Parts: Also, tied into the Trails Festival Fiasco- It seems that Leans On Wood is a reader of these pages. ( Hello! I hope you're having a good day, by the way!) and so, my commenting here on the blog seems to have resulted in the change of a few things. No more "black hole", and I was relieved of my trails festival duties yesterday. Cool! Thanks Buddy! However; that rain outside probably made the turn out rather low, and tonights festivities look to be headed for a soaking too. So, probably won't be too big a deal anyway.

2. Getting "rained out" on my commute: dirtram says, " It's easier to pedal in the snow than the rain." Yes, true that! Not only do you not get soaked, but you also avoid the risk of becoming a lightning rod! Additionally, I was thinking of joining Mr. 24 on that gravel grinder today, but wet, gritty chamois is not my cup of tea, sorry!

3. Trip to Madtown! I will be having to ride up with someone else to the show. I still am down to one car yet. ( a long, sad story!) So, in order that my wife and kids can get around while I'm gone, I'll be hitchin' a ride with the rest of the shop crew. We are due to arrive on Saturday, so I'll be looking up the following folks: dirtram, Poppa Vinnie, jed gammel, Pawn Shop Willie, and any body else hanging around on Saturday. I am planning on doing some dirt riding at the new mountain bike park too. We will probably bug out Sunday morning, late. See you there! Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring up a bike, or ride anywhere up along the way. I'm sure that the others wouldn't be too keen on sittin' around whilst I was galavanting around in the woods!

4. Coffee Machine, 86'ed! The ol' coffee machine died last night, so I had to break out the Mr. Coffee micro machine for this mornings black goodness. Word to you coffee addicts, ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP PLAN! You never know when a coffee emergency may arise in your life!

Okay, enough of the trivial! Some more bicycle related stuff will be up later this afternoon, so stay tuned!

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