Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rushing Around!

Mr. 24 is in a hurry! He's got to be ready to go by this afternoon to jet out to The Land of the Rising Sun! Uno el problema! Seat post stuck in one of the NRS's!!! We'll have to see if we can't un-stick it by this afternoon, or he'll have to hi-jack his old rig from Carlos as a back up bike, or go with one. We'll see.

Here we see the NEW Blue Collar MTB t-shirt, aptly modeled by the svelt, and trim Mr. 24 himself. Thanks go out to Chris and Tim for the t-shirts he gave to me and Jeff! We will wear them with pride!

Well, it's off to work now, but I wanted to encourage everyone reading this to stop by and leave Jeff a comment, and wish him well on his trip and race in Japan. It's an awesome opportunity for him and we are all excited about it down at the shop! Go Jeff!

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