Saturday, October 22, 2005

Happy Accidents

Just caught a news article that stated that a student at Vanderbilt university has stumbled onto to a new way to emit light. It's a revolutionary technique that could spell the end of filament type incandescent bulbs. The interesting thing about the article for me was how it touches on the progression of LED technology. This, as you know, has had a dramatic effect already in the bicycle lighting arena. Imagine, your helmet being "painted" with these electron bundles that emit light! Cool!

Mr. 24 has got the head cold that I am getting over right now. It sucks! Headache, stiffness, and ssoooo tired! I know how he feels! Yeeeee-uck!

I had the chance to introduce a person to the Green Belt trails that I blogged about last Monday. That person would be Ron Saul. We had a great time cruising the twisty, curvy trails, and chatting each other up. An easy, liesurely ride, but fun. Thanks Ron! I got three hours in today, so that's always a good thing. I suppose most racers would call them junk miles, but I think Ron and I would beg to differ on that one today. It was a great fall day to be outside!

Got church, and then it's off to Carlos the Jackals little par-tay! Hope Mr. 24 can make it! Report to come later!

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