Sunday, October 23, 2005

Carlos' Party Report

The evenings festivities at the Jackals house were quite sucessful, if I say so myself! It was a rather eclectic crowd, from all walks of life, not just a bunch of cyclists. I think that it shows that Carlos is a well rounded, and well liked person. Anyway, I missed most of the cycling crowd, as they came early and were all gone by 8:00pm. when my wife and I arrived.

The most interesting thing to come out of it all, for me, was Carlos' mom telling me about Carlos' lederhosen. That's right! Carlos was born in Germany, and was outfitted in the finest traditional native garb! The idea was bandied about that perhaps the photographic evidence of Carlos in native German attire might be made available for reproduction on fine cotton undergarments, otherwise known as t-shirts. Then we could have an honorary day for Carlos, and all things German, by wearing said t-shirts whilst polka music wafts in the backround. Whatta ya say Carlos?..................Buddy?........................(crickets)................Did I mention that the picture is cute?

Well, a good time was had, and I thank Amy, and anyone else involved in setting up the party. Great job! And- of course, good job to Carlos on your degree. Much sucess to you in the future!

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