Thursday, October 13, 2005


There are some interesting, yet unrelated things on my mind today. In no particular order, I submit these for your approval.

1. SRAM secrets unvieled! The secret of how SRAM's new road brifter shifts has been released. I am not sure how this will work in practice, but I am relieved to see that the shift lever is in fact totally independant of the brake lever. No unwanted braking while shifting, which I seem to have a problem with everytime I ride a Shimano equipped bike. I know others may think this is silly, but it is a problem for some. The rest of the gruppo looks nice. Let's see if they can compete on price! If they can, and it works as well as advertised, LOOK OUT Shimano!

2. There is a certain individual living in my community that is regarded as somewhat of a source of cycling knowledge that advocates the non-usage of helmets! That's right! He doesn't think cycling helmets are of any use, and in fact, he thinks they are a detriment! Okay, I really get a little steamed whenever I see his statistics and twisted logic on this matter. I have to take a step back, calm down, and really think it over. So, that's what I'm doing now. I have recieved a transcript of his posistion on helmets, taken from a public internet discussion forum. I am going to dismantle this guy's argument in a civil manner, and it won't be hard to do. Just have to leave the emotions checked at the door on this one! Stay tuned, it won't be a "rant" per se, but a good read none the less.

3. Speaking of ranting, I may have a little of that to do if my car isn't ready today! You may have read my earlier post on a car of mine that's in the body shop. Well, it's supposed to be ready for me to go on Trans Iowa recon tomorrow! It doesn't look good, so I have a "plan B" ready to implement, if necessary. I'll just have to be more efficient!

4. He comes- I go! Speaking of that trip, I only get to see Mr.24 today, and then I'm gone until Monday. That means no posts on the Guitar Ted Productions Network until Sunday evening at the latest. You'll have to head on over to Mr. 24's site for his run down of the whole Japan trip. I'm sure it'll be a good read! Well, I might be posting tomorrow, but only if I do not get my car, which will delay me by a day! We'll see!

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Ang & Brandon said...

Regarding the anti-helmet Nazi in your town. I was hit by a car while riding three weeks ago. Some freakin blue hair did not see me in the crosswalk while making a sweeping left turn and clobbered me at about 20 mph! The paramedics told me and my wife if I did not have the helmet on it would have been a shopping trip for the pine box! My Giro helmet cracked through in three different locations during my flight from bike to car hood to pavement. Punch that monkey next time you see him, from me of course!