Thursday, October 20, 2005

Changes In The Air

The following changes are on the horizon:

1. Cooler, wetter weather is forecast for our area. The heater will be running more, and the bills will get higher! (groan!)

2. Slower at the shop. Less people biking, and no snow to ski on yet. The doldrum season for this lattitude if you work in a bike shop.

3. Trans Iowa work has started in earnest now. Jeff just spruced up the website, and the e-mails have started already! We will be busy off and on with this throughout the fall and winter.

4. Daylight savings time ends soon. Darker in the afternoons. Less time to ride, unless you've got a light set. Start charging those lights! Of course, you could always resort to indoor training! (eeewww!)

I'm sure that there are more, but these are what's on the top of my head today. Keep on riding! It's still pretty nice out, least it is now!

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