Friday, October 14, 2005

The Helmet Papers: Page Two

Continuing on with the anti-helmet comments made by our "famous" local cycling guru, I would remind you that his statements are in italics, while mine are in standard font. Read on!

Those who advocate helmet use constantly bring up anecdotal evidence of people who've crashed and whose helmets have "saved their lives" (this claim can only be proven by forensic evidence, which is never provided - a thin plastic shell cracks much more easily than a skull). They never provide anecdotes about the many cyclists who have died with their helmets on. And they neglect to mention the vast majority of cyclists who ride tens of thousands of miles without ever falling on their heads, helmeted or not.

Wow! This is just an outstanding example of bad logic, and purposeful avoidance of facts. Just check out the comments from Thursdays post to see that medical personel can judge from injuries that helmet usage reduces, or eliminates the severity of crash related injuries. But, I suppose the medical EMT's, doctors, and nurses have absolutely no idea what they are talking about! As far as people who have survived a crash not giving evidence of others who have died with helmets on, or high mileage cyclists that have never struck their heads in a wreck, that is a rediculus suggestion! "Hi, I survived a crash because of my helmet! But first, let me say that several people wearing helmets often die from injuries sustained in crashes!" Yeah, riiigggghht! That sounds like a perfectly plausible scenario! Besides, no one is suggesting that helmet usage will save all lives, or prevent all injuries. If they prevent some of that, then why wouldn't you wear one? Remember, we can't predict the future. You don't know if your helmet will save you- or not! It doesn't hurt to wear one, so....why not wear one?

The comment about the thin plastic shell is a direct attempt to dis-inform the reader at this point. Later we will see that the poster has a rather well informed knowledge of how a helmet actually works. This hypocritical stance is reprehensible, and is one of the points that raised my ire about this post.

Okay, that's all for tonight! More anti-helmet spew, and commentary later!

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