Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday: Late Edition

I got that ride in on Saturday and Ron Saul, if you are reading this, I cleaned the sand pit BOTH ways! Wahoo! That took just a little tweaking to the riding technique to master. Another good lesson learned! It's always fun when you clean a difficult section that has given you fits. Never give up. Never give in. Right Carlos?

My cold from a week ago has manifested itself as a sinus infection now. Uggh!! Well, at least my wife is an R.N., and knows what to do!

Took the kids to grandma and grandpa's house today. No riding! I missed a fun singletrack ride with the Jackal and Mr. 24. It seems that I'm forever doomed to ride by my lonesome!

Finally, there has been a pretty cool homemade mountain bike video making the rounds from right here in good ol' I-oh-way! The exact location has been with held by the author, but I know where this place is! I have always been told it was one of the sweetest trails you could poach in all of Iowa. Yes, it's illeagal trail, my friends! Sorry, but I'm not tellin'!

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