Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Rush And An Update

We get some field reps in from time to time at the shop. Today, it was the Raliegh rep, and he brought a treat! (How fitting! It is the month of Haloween, afterall!)

Today, he wheeled in a Raliegh Rush Hour. This is the single speed/ fixed gear track bike for the '06 model year. It's pretty cool! You've got the polished, high flange hubs, as seen in the photo with Carlos' foot in it.

You've got the front and rear brakes, which are removable, if you go full trackie! There are no braze-ons! Just like a real track bike shouldn't have! As a matter of fact, it is a real track bike, right down to the geometry. Higher bottom bracket, so you can pedal right through a corner, because you can't coast in fixie mode, ya know! Less fork rake, and steeper head angle for razor sharp steering. Finally, it is steel! Yeah, like an old skool track bike should be.

It also comes stock with a freewheel, and a fixed cog, for flip-flop duties. That's when you get in over your head running fixed, or too tired, or just need a different ratio, you can flip the wheel around and presto! You can coast! You'll need to bring along a 15mm wrench, though, as this bike has nutted axles, (you guessed it!) just like a real track bike! Get your fix on fer under $600.00!
Just check out the shop website for more details!

Now for the update! We got a call today at the shop from an automated messaging machine that said Jeff's itenerary had been changed! Long story short, they were trying to tell him that his international flight was changed to be leaving on Thursday, instead of today! This call came an hour after Jeff's connecting flight to O'Hare had left! He was probably standing there when we got the call. Weird!! I haven't heard a thing since, so hopefully, he is on his way! If I hear anything, I'll post it!

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