Saturday, October 01, 2005

Slow Saturday

Take a look at this! (Especially since there is nothing else going on today!) Yep! That's a pretty rusty chain! The owner of the bike brought it in and said "Do not lube the chain! We use that wax stuff!" Umm...okay! Whatever, doode! (Once again, wax is NOT LUBE people!)

Then there was the sign permanently attached to the side of the bike. I found out later that the bike resides at the back of a large recreational trailer. Yep, one of those gorv-ers. You know, "Go RVing", like the TV addy says. Mount up in that land-battleship cruiser, the S.S. Winnebago, suck down enough fuel to run a Prius for a year and a half, and gorv your way an hour or so away from home with your bicycles plastered on the back to the campground nearest to a town. Because, you never know, you may need more Bud-Light, or chips! Put down your self leveling, hydraulic jacks, pop out your living room and bedroom, enable your sattelite TV, start the gas powered generator, pop a tall cool one, and try to find that d@#n Nascar race that's supposed to be on. It's a pretty nice set-up, yeah. It's got just about the same floor space as our real house, and we've got everything we need! Maybe later we'll actually ride our bikes, 'cause it's good for our health, and all. But that depends on when bingo starts in town, and how much-belch!-of this stuff I drink! Ha ha! Ha ha ha!....belch!

........yeah! Gorving is cool................NOT!!!

By the way, when are they going to pave a path into that wilderness area? I should be able to gorv there too! Why should all those backpackers, hikers, and mountainbikers have all that to themselves! Bow to my corpulence! My gorving shall not be hindered!! I...belch!...I need another beer, woman! Pffffffftttttt!!! Brrrrappp! ......Oh crap! .............And another change of underwear!


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