Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday Linkage

I have been reading some interesting stuff on some other blogs lately. I thought I would direct ya'all to some of it. There is an awesome write up of Adam Lisonbee's experience at the recently completed 24hrs of Moab that is a must read for anybody interested in endurance events. Then there is the cyclo-cross season, which has swept all over North America. See what Paddy has been up to, north of the border! Crossin' on a fixie, yo! Then we have our local man, J.Y. tearin' up some grass here! Scroll down, cause both Paddy, and J.Y. have been doing cross stuff for awhile lately.

It's fun to see how others are challenging themselves on their bicycles. It may not be for me, ( fixie cross racing?!) but it's fun to read about, and inspiring. Here's a toast to all of you out there that won't let good enough be your satisfaction! It's an encouragement to me, and to others to pick up our bikes, and do the same!

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