Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On-Star For Bikes?

Some of these frame stickers on department store bikes are hilarious! Check this one out from a Jeep mountain bike, "For Assistance Call, 1-877-BIKE AID" Imagine what the conversation might be...............

ring.....ring, Hello! Bike Aid. How can I assist you?

Rider: Umm...yeah, I just tried riding my bike....cough, cough! nnnnnn!

Bike Aid: Sir? Should I call for an ambulance?

Rider: Nah! Just lightin' up here. Okay! I was just riding my bike, and then....cough, cough!......and then it just folded in half! I couldn't believe that the d@#* thing just......

Bike Aid:...Sir, sir! Just calm down! Are you saying that the bike just folded in half?

Rider: Wha? Naahhh! It was the wheel. man! The wheel just folded in half! I just bought this bike yesterday, and it hasn't worked worth a s#$t since I rolled it out the door! It don't shift from 3rd to 4th, and the gooseneck was loose! The tires were low, and I don't know how to put air in those d#@* tires. I never had to put air in my ol' Schwinn when I was a kid. That was the bike that I gave to my sister when I got too big fer it. That'd been back when I.....

Bike Aid: Sir, could you please take me off your calling list, I'm not interested!

Rider: Wha? Interested? Interested in what? Hello!

(dial tone)

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