Monday, October 10, 2005

Ultimate Repair Stand: Best In Class!

Today I noticed that posted a review of the Ultimate Pro Elite Repair Stand. This is the very repair stand that I own! I was very interested in what they would have to say about it. I have always been of the opinion that the older Ultimate Pro Repair Stand was the very best portable repair stand ever. The new version, the Elite, is even better!

Well, it looks as though that the reviewer at seems to think so too. If you have frequented that site, you know that the tech reviews are usually pretty honest, and that they rarely ever give a perfect score. (In fact, I've never seen a perfect score, but I may have missed one or two!) The Elite Pro stand got the perfect score! I agree that it is an improvement on the old one, which I thought was un-improvable!

The review is pretty thorough, and I agree with all points given. I will say; however, that the repair stand could come with better instructions. It's not obvious exactly how the clamp head works, especially to get it into place and make it rotate. Once you discover the secret, it's easy to operate, and works flawlessly. I also will add that while the way the legs slde up and down the main mast is executed with obvious precision by Ultimate, because of the extremely tight tolerances, it is rather difficult to fold or unfold the legs quickly. One needs to have a degree of patience when setting up for repairs! The precision with which the unit is made is appreciated, though. I feel this unit will definitely withstand the test of time. It also is comforting to know that the price you pay for it is returned to you by the way of a finely crafted tool, that is a joy to use. Really!

Speaking of the price, it is a little steep, compared to many other lesser repair stands. However; if you want a no fuss, quality, hard working, reliable, versatile, and good looking repair stand, go no further than the Ultimate Elite Repair Stand. It is the best, hands down, repair stand ever, and it happens to be portable! Check it out, along with some other cool stuff, here! Here is another reason I like Ultimate stuff. They make some of the best musical instrument, and sound reinforcement supports EVER! These guys know there stuff! Guitar Ted says so!

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